Stubborn or Studly?

Something has got to change if I am ever going to get my cholesterol under control. I already lead a fairly healthy life. I exercise almost every day, I eat vegetables on the regular, I haven’t touched red meat or pork in twelve years, fried foods only show up on my plate about once every other week,  and I only inject butter straight into my veins when I am feeling exceptionally squirrely. Nothing too horrible.

So my options are to tighten up my diet and exercise plan, or get on some medication that I will have to take the rest of my life, a medication  that might be effective at both lowering my cholesterol and offering up a sweet bevvy of side effects. To me this is an easy choice, as I want nothing to do with long term meds, and I would rather give up any indulgence permanently than start up with them.  But I have received some push-back from loved ones who want me on medication. They are concerned that my cholesterol might be hereditary, and that I am waging an impossible war.

Maybe I’m being stubborn, maybe this is an impossible war, but I just can’t believe that I can’t lower this greasy baby the natural way. My plan is to shed the extra belly weight, amp up my diet, cut way back on my beloved beers, and keep up my exercise. I get tested again in about  five months. Where is my kilt?

This means war.

-Ryan Wilder

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