The Little “Eh, @#$% IT!” Moments

I was doing so well with the caterpillar diet and Sporty Spice exercise routine. I was. It was a new me, the beer swilling heathen reborn as a vegetable grinding calorie counting health machine. It was only a matter of time before I acquired a taste for wheat grass smoothies and the downward dog position. But this site is called “Not in Moderation” for a reason. Sudden and extreme changes in behavior are a bitch to sustain. All it takes is a small setback for me to abandon the whole plan and throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Only I turn the bathwater into a barrel of IPA and deep fry the baby.

It starts with drinking beer (Lots of it. Yeeeeeeeeehaw muthah bleepahs!) and then plummets into a KFC Doubledown walk of shame. It’s a pattern of giving up– I already blew my diet, why stop now? This pattern always starts with a trigger. Some of my “eh, %^#* IT!” triggers  are boredom, depression, and anxiety. Lately, I’ve been hit with all three, and “eh, #$@%^ IT!” has become my catch phrase. I’m changing the direction and scope of this blog. It will shift from a site about controlling cholesterol, to a site that explores the grit it takes to make it through the “eh, *%#&  IT!” moments and sustain healthy changes.

God, I need a beer.


Seriously. I need a beer.

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