The Future…

…is not what I expected. No hover board, gender swapping dinosaurs,  or sexy French maid robots that can tie cherry stems into flying cars with their tongues. While my 13 year old self would be severely disappointed in the way 2011 panned out, I’m sure he would at least be amused by the fancy new smart phone I got last November.

I fell in love with a Samsung Vibrant, an Android powered smart phone with a large beautiful screen, and I will never look back at my flip phone again. I’ll take any excuse to use this phone. Even things seemingly against my nature. I’m a notorious flake, but I have found myself knocking off items from my to-do list and keeping a calendar (for once in my life). I’ve also developed an appreciate/hate affair with Spark People, an application and website that tracks calories burned and consumed.

The Spark People application is a good way to build awareness around your daily and long term eating and exercise habits. This is why Spark People has ruined my life. No really, it is a fantastic diet tracker. Even if I don’t always like what I see. Some of the key features of the application are:

  • Create calorie/exercise budget based around goal weight
  • Utilize a database of food and calculator to track calories consumed
  • Track calories burned with an exercise journal
  • View various reports on your activity and progress(?)
  • Send penis enlargement spam to your pen pals

I’ve been using the application for the past few weeks and have definitely noticed a few patterns I need to break. I’m sure you will be surprised to hear that I drink too much beer, and when I drink beer I tend to say “Eh, F^%$ IT!” with the foods I choose. Mmmm. Salty chewy blimp blobs.

I plan on posting my Spark People info on this blog once I find a clever way to do so. In the meantime, please let me wallow in my self-awareness in peace for crying out loud.

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1 Response to The Future…

  1. LadyAnonyma says:

    Mmmmmmm….. love me some blimp blobs. Especially with ketchup.

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