So Pedestrain

I like getting my daily cardio exercise in by tacking on a few extra miles to my  bike commute and calling it good. I promise to bore you to death about this on a regular basis in future posts. Today I decided to spice it up by leaving behind the wheels and  lacing up my New Balance sneakers for a brisk walk to work. Please don’t call it a power-walk, my ego is far to fragile for you to confuse me for a fanny-pack wearing blaze of arm swinging fury.

Morning Commute

The weather has been unseasonable cold and dry for Portland over the past few days. I love this weather and I wanted to spend as much time outside today as possible.  The commute is about 4 miles each direction and takes roughly an hour.

It was still dark when I left the house at 7am this morning. Darkness is great for weight loss. I recommend walking down alleys in sketchy parts of town while counting your cash out loud. This activity can be a calorie torcher if you are chased by a mugger or sold heroine (also good for weight loss).

Evening Commute

Everyone who rides the bus either has the flu virus or is trying to obtain it from the rotting zombie next to them. I only ride the bus if I am deathly ill because I feel the pressure to step up and contribute to the bus family.

I got down here by foot. I know how I’m getting home.

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