Getting There Eventually

Monday Morning Commute

The shoelace knot is my favorite knot. This is why I refuse to learn about any other (lesser) knots.

The morning began for me like most mornings with an insatiable craving for happy ladybug cake and a plump wiener. I enjoyed the feeling of superiority over everyone else as I indulged in this culinary delight. “Nobody can top me,” I thought out loud, “unless there are versions of me in alternate dimensions that have a large bushy mustache doing the same thing.”

When I die do not desire to be stuffed and on display like this fox and turkey-parrot.

Unless I get mounted on top of another animal like I’m riding a pony. That’s OK.

Sometimes I wish I was in a film noir movie when walking around the city. I wouldn’t want to be the leading man though. I could see myself as one of the “extras” that get paid $100 to hang around in a trench coat and eat macaroni salad at the break table.

Distance: 4 Miles

Time: 1 Hour

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