Juiced Commute

Why can’t I drum up a few stalkers? There is nothing like being watched and followed to spice up dog walking in the neigh-neigh.  Please stalk me so I can justify  my purchase of a getaway Segway. So stalker, I humbly present to you one of my bicycle routes, along with the rough coordinates of where I live and work. I’m looking forward to seeing you out of the corner of my eye (soon?).

I try to think of my morning commute like getting up and going to the gym, so I typically don’t ride the 4 mile straight shot unless I’ve overslept. My go-to ride is a 10 mile leg along the Willamette river. This commute takes me about an hour if I factor in the time it takes to lock up the bike and change.  One of my goals has been to work in two hours of commuting time to provide greater riding options and a more vigorous workout. This morning I went on variation of one my favourite loops, a 23 mile ride that books it north on the I-205 bike path, along the scenic Columbia river, through north Portland, and ends in the Tom McCall Waterfront Park. I’ll be riding it again tomorrow. You be there too, but be dressed like a Douglas-fir or something so I don’t know you are there.

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