Turning Off and Tuning In

I’ve been making radical changes to my walk into work. That’s right, baby-cakes. My walk is now Xtreme!  It’s in 3D! It’s wrapped in chocolate covered deep fried bacon! It’s… quite.

I’ve made the decision to unplug from my I-Pod and face the hour plus walk with naked ears and only my inner monologue for entertainment. Letting the mind wander without the distraction of music or podcasts during exercise helps me sort out my thoughts, tap into my imagination, and brainstorm solutions to problems.

Tuning into my thoughts was particularly useful when I was preparing for a job interview recently. I was able to imagine tough questions and work out my responses. I didn’t have to force myself to focus on this either, the interview was looming and my mind went there naturally. Being able to free-form think through my responses ahead of time enabled me to enter the interview lucid and confident.

I love exercising with tunes, but that experience doesn’t compare to what I get from exercising my ability to think. I arrive to work charged up and inspired, and I come home without  taking work with me. I hope I’m not coming off like I think I am enlightened or have reached nirvana or anything. My inner monologue is filled with just as much garbage as it is with useful thoughts.  This morning I spent the better part of my walk thinking about cereal mascots from my youth and trying to remember all of the words to Sugar Bear’s little ditty. “Can’t get enough of that Golden Crisp. It’s… something something something.” Crap. I’ll figure out the missing lyrics on my walk home.

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