Product Review: Tanka Bites

One of the general rules of primal eating is to avoid anything that comes in a wrapper or plastic package to avoid chemicals and junk ingredients. Tanka Bites are an exception to this rule. Just check out the ingredients!

Not bad, right? Ok, so the dried cranberries are sugared. I’m not sweating it.

Speaking of sweating it, I’d like to talk about the texture of these little meat nuggets. Tanka Bites are- how can I eloquently say this… moist.

Did my use of the word “moist” make you barf just a little? Grow up.

The chewy texture of Tanka Bites was a bit of a surprise and definitely a stark contrast to the jaw workout grinding beef jerky gives you.  After effortlessly popping down a few of these little guys the texture became enjoyable, but maybe this is just because I am a lazy chewer (when I get rich from this blog I am totally paying someone to chew my food for me).

How do they taste? Pretty darn good. Tanka Bites have kind of a meaty sweet and sour thing going on. The bites come in two varieties, straight up cranberry and spicy pepper blend. I prefer the spicy pepper blend because it cuts the sugar taste back a bit.

In short, Tanka Bites are made with solid ingredients for the primal eater, they are tasty, and holding them will temporarily fill the void in your life from giving up Chicken McNuggets.

Get’em if you see’em.

*I was not contacted by Tanka to review this product.

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