Check Out My New Standing Desk!

Ok. It’s ugly. But you know what is even uglier?  Being dead. Angsty teenage vampires excluded of course.

Sitting has been getting a lot of negative press. One of the latest news reports circling has Dr. David Coven, cardiologist with St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York, equating the health risks and effects from sitting all day to smoking.

NOOOOOOOOOO! How will I ever break my two lazy-boy a day habit!

My reasons for building a standing desk were partially a reaction to these reports, but even more so a response to my frustration with how I felt. I’ve always been high-energy (a nice way of saying hyperactive thankyouverymuch) and living a stationary cube-life has been a challenge. Sitting in one place all day simply just doesn’t feel right. It zaps my energy and focus. My posture progressively worsens throughout the day leaving me contorted around my monitor. Something had to give. It was high time to free my ass.

And free my ass I did.

You might see a tower of scrounged boxes and books stacked on a fiberboard desk, but I see fireworks and hear powerful Celine Dion ballads. You know true love when you see it. When coming up with my setup it was important for me to have my monitor as close to eye level as possible, a comfortable typing and mousing position, an easily accessible phone, and cost me $0.00. My solution? Stack ’em if you got ’em.

I switched over to a standing desk about a month ago and I have not missed my old setup one bit. One of the most common questions I get asked is “do your feet get tired standing all day?”. Nope! They do not. Here is the dirty little secret about standing desks- you do not actually stand all day long. Sure, I stand for a good portion of the day, but definitely not in one place. I find myself pacing about, leaning against the desk, walking to the window, stretching, squatting, and even sitting in the chair I keep by in case the mood strikes. I think the key for me has been having a wide variety of movement and options. I feel great. My energy and mood remain high throughout the day, and now I have the proper space to flail about when I overdose on the break room coffee.

Standing desk pro tip: take a few of your calls lying under your desk. Now your coworkers will have yet another reason to call you an annoying freak around the water cooler.

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2 Responses to Check Out My New Standing Desk!

  1. Cave Dad says:

    Sweet setup. Are you still standing a month later?

    • Ryan Wilder says:

      You bet. I’ve made a few tweaks here and there (such as raising the monitor a few inches), but for the most part this Mcguiver-like standing desk has done the trick.

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