Tighten Down Tighten Up: Stay Happy With Happy Hour

Courtesy of cheersboston.com

Well, crap on a stick. I’ve hit a weight loss plateau. 

I’ve nearly hit my fat loss goal but can’t seem to shake the last bit of stubborn “spare tire”. I’m stuck, and I have some pretty good ideas as to why.

It’s summer. I love firing up the grill and sipping a frosty pint. While the grill most certainly compliments my paleo lifestyle, guzzling sugar certainly does not. I’ve been on a cider and wine kick these days because choosing something fruit based over beer allows me to fool myself into believing that I am still on the up and up. Come on, son! It’s not JUST about gluten.

Then there are the other diet pitfalls that come along with imbibing. Snacking. I become a voracious insatiable snacker after my first pint. You know those nuts that were meant to be consumed over the course of the week? Gone. That bag of jerky? Empty. The berries my wife wanted in her smoothie? Destroyed. Just destroyed.

Stalled weight loss might seem like the greatest downside of drinking, but there is another even greater. One of my guiding goals is to become the best version of myself that I possibly can be, and drinking simply does not fit with that goal. I’m less productive. I’m less motivated. It zaps my energy, mood, and attention span the following day. Is this the version of myself that I want to be? Hell no. Is it realistic that I am going to give up drinking forever? Hell no.

Life without meeting buddies for happy hour sounds awful and boring, and part of leading an optimal life is to- well, live a little. But how can something like drinking coexist with my desire to be at my best? This is why I created the “Tighten Down Tighten Up” rules to help guide me towards becoming the best version of myself in a way that is achievable and sustainable. I’m happy to present to you the first of my new rules.

Stay Happy With Happy Hour

The rule boils down to this- alcohol is completely off limits. No unwinding after work with a glass of red or sipping on a crisp cold cider while I grill. None. But there is one exception… happy hours and social gatherings. I get a free pass. The idea is to limit the times I am consuming all that excess sugar to about one day a week for only a few hours without having to give it up completely. The best part of this rule is that it suits my “all or nothing” approach to life. This blog is called Not In Moderation for a reason, people.

I’ll keep you posted on how my “Stay Happy With Happy Hour” rule works out as I head into BBQ season.  In the meantime, I’m off to look for my long lost abdominal muscles.


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