Portland Paleo: Gravy

Courtesy dandelmain of Panoramio

Porlanders love their brunch. Long lines of hungover hipsters, soccer families, and cotton-heads (who undoubtedly commited vehicular homicide driving over) surely await you at any of Portland’s brunch hot spots. They can’t get enough it. Waiting in the rain? Who cares. Just grab a cup of Stumptown coffee to fend of the hypothermia. I’m no exception. I too love brunch. Fortunately, ordering paleo style at brunch is usually cake in this town. But not all brunch menus are created equal, and most require you to make many substitutions and specifications to your order. This is not the case at Gravy. Gravy is arguably the best brunch spot in Portland, and most certainly one of the easiest places to order food without looking like paleo-freak-boy.

As you will see, my wife doesn’t do the whole paleo thing. Check out the mammoth short stack and egg sandwich she ordered!

Don’t judge. She is eating for two now.

And what did I order?

Steak and eggs with fruit salad.


So easy. So perfect.

Get thee to Gravy! You paleo-freak-boy.

Gravy – 3957 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR 97227(503) 287-8800 

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