Hike: Silver Falls State Park

Damn Gina! Oregon is beautiful. More importantly, Oregon is a hiking wonderland in the summer. Screw the eleven and a half months of solid rain we get the rest of the year. The two weeks of pleasant weather almost make it worth it. Thank #$@% for coffee and beer.

I hiked the “Trail of Ten Falls” at Silver Falls State park today with my buddy Brad. It is a moderate seven mile hike through a temperate rain forest. Think Fern Gully without the tropical weather, dynamite soundtrack, sexy fairies, or plot. But much like Fern Gully, Tim Curry was there. He kept popping out of the shrubs dressed as a nutria, insisting that he was our animal spiritual guide. Oh, Tim!

More photo adventure after the jump!

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One Response to Hike: Silver Falls State Park

  1. Brad says:

    Ryan, Tim Curry, and I really did love the falls.
    We’re very healthy.

    Buddy Brad

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