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Nailed it! Ryan Wilder’s Wicked Easy Paleo Ketchup

Oh. Hell. Yes. At long last I have cracked the code for making paleo ketchup that doesn’t disappoint. Yup, this one has got it all. The flavor is fantastic and it has a smooth glassy texture just like its high-fructose corn … Continue reading

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Ryan Wilder’s Citrus Ginger Jerky

Meet Gus, my new food dehydrator. Gus was a birthday gift from my lady. She hooked me up. Big time. I’ve been messing around with the dehydrator a bunch and have been working on making a great jerky. The latest … Continue reading

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Making Oats and Keeping the Peace

UPDATE: This post was written prior to my discovery of a paleo type diet. My opinions on how to achieve optimal nutrition and wellness have changed. My lady doesn’t watch what she eats, is skinny, and in great health. Hate her? … Continue reading

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