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Tighten Down Tighten Up: Stay Happy With Happy Hour

Well, crap on a stick. I’ve hit a weight loss plateau.  I’ve nearly hit my fat loss goal but can’t seem to shake the last bit of stubborn “spare tire”. I’m stuck, and I have some pretty good ideas as … Continue reading

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Check Out My New Standing Desk!

Ok. It’s ugly. But you know what is even uglier?  Being dead. Angsty teenage vampires excluded of course. Sitting has been getting a lot of negative press. One of the latest news reports circling has Dr. David Coven, cardiologist with St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center … Continue reading

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Recipe Review: Ketchup

I firmly believe that food is merely the vessel to get ketchup into my mouth. I’ve been known to guzzle a whole bottle with just one lonely tater tot. Unfortunately store bought ketchup, even if it’s organic and free of high fructose corn … Continue reading

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Product Review: Tanka Bites

One of the general rules of primal eating is to avoid anything that comes in a wrapper or plastic package to avoid chemicals and junk ingredients. Tanka Bites are an exception to this rule. Just check out the ingredients! Not … Continue reading

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Linkidy Link Link! I’ve Got a New Page!

Check it out! I’m keeping a list of the best recipes I clip from the net and adding them to the “Paleo Recipe Links” page on the blog. *all recipes approved by Miles and Bodhi

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Portland Paleo: La Buca Italian Cafe

“You eat regular tuna fish? I ONLY eat grass-fed tuna raised by Tibetan monks with a curfew before 10pm.” I’ve noticed some paleo eaters take the quest for optimal nutrition a wee mite far. Just mouse around any paleo forum and you are bound to … Continue reading

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Recipe Review: Red Curry Chicken Skewers

Morning sickness is a beast. The term “morning sickness” is just laughable when my lady has been ill morning, noon, and night for the past three plus weeks. It’s like she has a massive hangover every single day, but unlike … Continue reading

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What is going on here?

Duuuuuuuuuuuuude… [takes a humungculous bong rip] It’s all a big F’ing conspiracy maan. Like… From like, I don’t know, like… even that Quaker Oat guy. That smug F’er and his rosy cheeks might be the F’ing king pin for all I know. … Continue reading

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